Human Anatomy VR

Virtual Reality has the superior ability to make you view the complex human anatomy, on an as-is basis. Currently, medical students learn on cadavers, which are difficult to clasp and associated with an innate shortcoming of being unable to react like a live patient.
In our Human Anatomy VR application, you can view minute details of any part of the body in stunning 360° view & create training scenarios which replicate common surgical procedures.


Application has an user friendly interface with objective text panel to identify the tools inside the virtual simulation

The user can interact with all the parts in the human anatomy structure and the detailed information on the concerned parts will be displayed in a white board.

The User can interact with the virtual medical tools kit to scan the anatomy structure to visualize the inner organs, muscular and Skeletal systems.



    Creating VR training for education will make the trainees remain glued to the training session -I.e., throughout the VR content which augurs well for a successful training program.

    Professors can assess the data on each trainee and analyze their progress.

    Students will be able to understand the intricate information on every part of the human anatomy without any external guide.

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