Real estate & interior design


The Retail Industry has started to focus on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for sales and enhanced customer experience. With these solutions customers are now able to visualize the product before purchasing it, from the comfort of their homes.

Real estate & interior design overview

How AR/VR is transforming the real estate industry

Real estate & interior design benefits

AR/VR solutions provide a wide range of opportunities for the retail industry by:

  • Saving time and money for both the brand and its customers.
  • Provides a personalized experience for the customers.
  • Improves conversion rates, and reduces returns for retail stores
  • Optimizes warehouse space
  • Combines traditional retail experience and eCommerce
  • Empowers advertising campaigns
  • Enhances brand recognition

We provide solutions that empower the fashion industry, by making the brands more marketable, and cost-effective using Metaverse technology.

What We Offer

Virtual try-on of products

Enables the shoppers to virtually try products ranging from furniture to fashion accessories and makeup products, furthermore the products can be purchased using the online store. We implement this solution, keeping in mind your customers and their requirements.

Shelf Planning

Our 3D/AR/VR applications can be used to visualize new shelf designs by rearranging products and shelves using the simple drag and drop feature. This provides a way to experiment with different layouts as many times as required, quickly and easily.

Product Tutorials:

AR and VR can provide users with step-by-step and easy-to-read instructions with interactive features. This provides the user a holistic view of the product thus reducing the purchase time.

AR Navigation in Retail Store:

AR can be used to help customers navigate through long aisles and find products with ease. This will help customers have a smooth, enjoyable shopping experience.

Ahila Kantharuban

Founder and CEO, Agora Designs (Design Crasher)

I worked with DevDen to create some 3D furniture models for my app Design Crasher. As an interior designing app it needed some high quality 3D models. When I reached out to DevDen, Ram and Prabakaran were very helpful. Especially, Prabakaran was always available to address my concerns. They created beautiful and realistic looking models that met my high expectations. I would definitely continue to work with them in the future.

Siva Prasad – Director of Technology

Onix Media Studio

I’m using DevDen’s services for two different projects and have been working with them for a few months now. They are always on time with their deliveries and never let me down. Their level of quality is unmatched. They listen to what I need and always deliver quality output. They are also very responsible when working with deadlines.


Global VR Consultant

It is always a pleasure to work with DevDen. Very dedicated team lead by Mr.Ram. They know their job well, well planed and the team will come up with all the questions upfront before they start their work. Their USP is “On Time Delivery”. The team had stretchered on holidays to complete the last minute updates that we had given. Our clients were very happy with the 3D models for the learning App. Always recommend Devden to my friends and colleges. Have worked, Am working and will continue to work with Devden ALWAYS! Good Luck Team!

Why DevDen?

We Discover innovative solutions that immerse the user to a new world. We Design an experience in which the buyers and sellers can view the resources, workflows and the environmental impact with extraordinary AR, VR and 3D solutions. We Develop an entire marketing and selling tool for the benefit of the real estate firms.

Real estate & interior design
What makes us unique?

Our team is committed to quality. Their impeccable skills make them stand out of the crowd.

Anticipate client’s needs




virtual reality ourskillsvirtual reality ourskills


VR shopping application provides the shoppers with an immersive shopping experience from the comfort of their home. It can reduce the overall operating costs and potentially provide the customer with the ability to customize a product before they place an order.

Virtual Showrooms are immersive spaces that allow users to interact with products and provide them with an engaging virtual experience. These 3D interpreted spaces are tailor-made to your brand and may include online stores, downloadable content, and sophisticated design elements.

Augmented reality is being used to guide customers through a store to locate items quickly. It also can be used to virtually display products.


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