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Operation and Management Companies continue to incorporate the latest technology to deliver the best services and products. In this series, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the latest technologies introduced in the field of O&M. AR/VR serves as a bridge in connecting the digital world to the real world.


Global AR & VR Services & Solutions for OEM Industry


Metaverse technologies provide users with an immersive experience. With the latest advancements in VR technology, it also allows one to feel, touch, hear, and interact with virtual objects. Some key benefits of using AR/VR technologies are:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Lowering Operational Cost
  • Innovative Support Services Tool

DevDen focuses on providing solutions that create new opportunities by delivering comprehensive solutions and expertise to the client, based on their problem statement.

What We Offer
At DevDen, we provide tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs. With our solutions we aim to make your work easier and efficient.


We provide AR solutions that present the maintenance personnel with service inspection instructions, compliance instructions, corrective and preventive maintenance instructions. The knowledge transfer using these technologies are a boon in this field as knowledge transfer or instructions are clear and easily accessible.


Metaverse technologies can be used to create immersive training solutions. For instance, training an employee in assembly and disassembly of machinery can be done in a simulated virtual environment. The solution can also feature real-world based scenarios for the employee to upskill.


We provide real-time monitoring solutions which allows real time access to data for monitoring the machines. System degradation can be identified early on, to take control actions and corrective maintenance can be performed immediately. In this manner, disruptions can be prevented or reduced to a minimum.


A showcased virtual car is a complete and detailed replica of the physical model. This helps the customers to customize & visualize the characteristics such as colour, seat, decals, tyres, interior textures, before making a decision.

Why DevDen?

DevDen accelerates productivity by offering reliable services to the O&M industry. 

With the changing industry behaviour, DevDen has a keen understanding of what the market demands. Technical guidance will be offered by our experts that will make your project suit your end user’s expectations.

We design, develop and execute our AR/VR-driven solutions that will get you a competitive edge.

What makes us unique?

We turn ideas into reality using AR, VR & XR that impact return on investment (ROI) positively.

Creative Minds

Multi-vertical Experience

Global Know-How

Subject Matter Expertise

Transparent Work Process

Free Consultation

virtual reality ourskillsvirtual reality ourskills

Ahila Kantharuban

Founder and CEO, Agora Designs (Design Crasher)

I worked with DevDen to create some 3D furniture models for my app Design Crasher. As an interior designing app it needed some high quality 3D models. When I reached out to DevDen, Ram and Prabakaran were very helpful. Especially, Prabakaran was always available to address my concerns. They created beautiful and realistic looking models that met my high expectations. I would definitely continue to work with them in the future.

Siva Prasad – Director of Technology

Onix Media Studio

I’m using DevDen’s services for two different projects and have been working with them for a few months now. They are always on time with their deliveries and never let me down. Their level of quality is unmatched. They listen to what I need and always deliver quality output. They are also very responsible when working with deadlines.


Global VR Consultant

It is always a pleasure to work with DevDen. Very dedicated team lead by Mr.Ram. They know their job well, well planed and the team will come up with all the questions upfront before they start their work. Their USP is “On Time Delivery”. The team had stretchered on holidays to complete the last minute updates that we had given. Our clients were very happy with the 3D models for the learning App. Always recommend Devden to my friends and colleges. Have worked, Am working and will continue to work with Devden ALWAYS! Good Luck Team!


VR can be used as a virtual tool to share preliminary designs and collaborate.Users can access projects at any place through cloud-based storage to involve themselves in projects, visualize designs, solve problems and create design testing processes.

Yes, a training simulation is a perfect solution, especially for those training processes carrying some amount of risk or danger. A VR training simulation completely eliminates the risks and dangers associated with the process. In addition to that, performance analytics can be captured to further increase the effectiveness of the training.

Metaverse solutions allow maintenance personnel to practice critical, rare scenarios in a realistic yet safe environment.

The dependence is minimal compared to earlier times, as most modern mobile devices are AR capable. Unless it is a highly resource intensive and large application, the cost incurred for purchasing hardware is low.

Metaverse technologies are used across industries to solve various types of problems. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how AR/VR can help you in particular.



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