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We use mobile phones for almost everything now. Gone are the days when we used them for only calling. Now, our lives revolve around it. Being able to reach people’s mobile is a boon to the businesses.

At DevDen, using our expertise we create tailor-made applications that are unique, efficient, and appealing to the users. Our mobile applications are multi-device compatible. Our web applications are optimized for all the major browsers.

Real-time communication is very effective in saving time, and reaching patients instantaneously during an emergency, integrating it into your current communication infrastructure can help to close the communication gap.
As much as the doctor and patient interaction is important, sometimes it is necessary to have contactless communication channels, especially during the CoVid crisis. Web applications can be used to provide a real-time platform for medical consultation. Such a solution provides instant communication, remote monitoring facility, providing important alerts and notifications to the patients.

With increasing digitization in various domains, the educational institutions have begun favoring remote educational methods as part of their efforts toward digitization.
Remote education is simply put, an educational method where the tutor and the student are not under the same roof. The dissemination of instruction is primarily through various technological tools like websites, mobile applications, discussion boards/forums, video conferencing and virtual classrooms.
Mobile applications can be used to extend the digital remote learning infrastructure, and it’s reach. Remote learning provides opportunities for students who otherwise would not have access to education as seen during CoVid. Distance learning also makes it possible to have a flexible teaching structure. Remote learning enables students to study in a more personalized space.

In a booming E-commerce market, providing customers with an omnichannel way to shop with simple, easy to use applications can make the customers happy and increase the sales for the businesses.
With the ever-increasing number of digital shoppers, it is essential to have a web platform where you can sell your products to maximize sales. We ensure you have a strong web presence by providing user friendly and appealing web applications focused on increasing the reach of your products. We develop consumer centric applications that help the customers and the businesses take advantage of web and mobile technology.

The global gaming community is well connected with each other over the Internet. A majority of the top games are now multiplayer games, and the availability of smartphones to the general public has catapulted the amount of gamers. To gain and retain players, the gaming industry has focused their efforts on the mobile gaming market.
With almost everybody owning a smartphone, mobile games are poised to overtake other forms of games. This has paved the way for creating low cost entertaining and captivating games. It has also opened up ways to create unique and innovative games, the prime example being Pokemon Go which is created with the help of GPS and AR technology, a unique game never seen before.

With the two great inventions, the computing devices and the Internet, the way of life for millions of people have changed drastically.
Video-on-demand, is a type of entertainment service that gives the viewers the ability to choose when, where, and how they view entertainment content. The content is now available at the click of a link, and the viewer also has the control over playback of the video, the viewer can pause, rewind, fast forward, record and playback the content as he wishes.
Live streaming of real-time events has provided viewers who cannot be physically present at the venue, the capability to catch up on any event. The viewer has complete control over the playback here as well.
With streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, the viewer is provided with a library of entertainment content, the viewer can choose the content he wants from the huge library provided by the platform.

Development and Evaluation of Augmented Reality Application

Why DevDen?

DevDen develops semi-immersive simulations for real-world scenarios that can be used to increase business efficiencies and improve employee performance. Our developers are highly experienced in AR app development, engineering new AR app solutions from scratch and modifying existing solutions to create a custom approach. We are the one stop solution for all your complex situations and help in your goal development.

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We create AR experiences that run across platforms. Our delivered solution will be Intelligent, Elegant, Efficient, and Delightful because that’s what we do.


We collect and analyze information about your project, it’s intended market, audience and get a well-rounded and in-depth understanding of the goals, scope and opportunities.


Our design services include UI design, UX design, and illustration for a consistent and intuitive mobile AR experience.


At this phase, through a collaborative process between the team and the client, we deliver a spectacular experience as a result.


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