8 eCommerce Trends to watch in 2022

New Year comes with New Trends and Predictions. In this blog post, we discuss the top eCommerce Trends to watch out for this year that offer a compelling value proposition to its consumers. Read on to learn more.

VR for Houses and Apartments

Allows potential home or apartment purchasers to take a virtual tour of the property.

Interactive User Manuals

Customers scan the merchandise with an augmented reality app. They are then given access to a virtual tour of the product, which includes information on how to set it up, its capabilities, and more.

Augmented Reality Filters

Assist their customers in visualizing their products such as sunglasses, eye shadows, lipsticks and making more informed decisions.

VR for In-Store Experience

With 3D products, customers can walk around the VR store, interact with friends, and even ask a virtual member of staff for support if necessary.

AR Preview Placement

Giving customers a real-time glimpse of a product, its size, place & fee how it’ll look in their homes.

Virtual Showrooms

Transforms an empty room into a fully digital environment where customers can browse a wide range of products.

In-Store Navigation

Customers should be able to effortlessly navigate a large shopping complex and find the proper goods with an AR Mobile App.

Virtual Try-On Solutions

Customers can try on their desired items or shoes without having to physically try them on with AR-embedded mirrors.

Gamified Retail Sales/Package

Gamified packages allow brands to interact with customers in their daily lives. Interactive packaging establish an emotional bond and increases the engagement with the brand.

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 Companies, big or small, have opened up for AR/VR investments. Some renowned companies like Playstation, Steam, and Valve are known to be the early adopters of VR and AR technologies and the list grows. On the other hand, the demand for VR/AR skills is skyrocketing.

AR and VR are becoming mainstream with the proliferation of connected devices. Currently, the applications of AR and VR are mainly seen in the Gaming, Entertainment, Marketing, Education, Fashion, and Art industries. Today to live without Internet is unimaginable and in the future, this statement may changes as living without AR/Vr applications couldn’t be possible!  

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