Is 3D Product Visualization Beneficial to Your Brand?

Is 3D Product Visualization Beneficial to Your Brand?

Yes, here is how it works. Today’s online retailers must rise to the challenge of providing their customers with an engaging online shopping experience. 3D visualization of products has become an essential selling tool for marketers on the internet who want to increase conversion rates, reduce return rates, and deliver a better customer experience.

3D Product Visualization helps bring your eCommerce experience to live, allowing your customers to engage and interact with your product. The first stage in developing confidence through images in a buyer’s brain will make purchasing decisions much easier during crucial moments of the customer’s journey.

Understanding 3D Product Visualization

  • 3D product visualization is a display technique that involves the creation of three-dimensional models to represent the physical item. 3D models allow customers to explore and interact with online items giving the impression of shopping in person.
  • 3D visualization can offer 360-degree views of the product, color and pattern customization, and Augmented Reality (AR) experiences that let users engage with the products in a realistic environment.
  • In a nutshell, 3D product visualization creates an extremely satisfying shopping experience that blows flat 2D images of the product or text-based descriptions of products out of the water.

Industries that Benefit from 3D Visualization

3D visualization suits industries where customers see AR previews of their products. Some of them include the following – 

Fashion Industry

In fashion, clothing, and apparel, shoppers can use AR to view what they would look like wearing clothes and fashion accessories. For instance, a top luxury brand could use AR to allow customers to try the latest jackets, pullovers, gowns and more.

Sports Industry

Customers looking for outdoor and sports equipment can view 3D sporting and outdoor equipment models. For example, a seller of camping equipment lets customers browse 3D models of tents.

Retail Industry

Retail industries and footwear companies can allow customers to try on AR fit for fashion, sizes and style. Retailers, for instance, allow customers to utilize 3D to test out new shoes.

Advantages of 3D Visualization

These are the benefits offered from 3D Visualization –

Increase Sales 

The most important factor in deciding whether to purchase an item is the ability to envision them wearing or using the product. 3D visualization of the product makes it possible to eliminate any doubt by offering photos of the product in a realistic, true-to-size format to let customers know the product’s capabilities and expectations. Incorporating 3D into your eCommerce toolkit has been confirmed to increase sales online and cart size by 61 percent.

Test Product Fit and Size

Reduce the anxiety of your customers before purchase by offering 3D and AR-based experiences. 3D product visualization coupled with AR allows customers to try on the size of a product and how it will fit in their environment. If a user is trying on a pair of shoes or setting up their furniture in their home, 3D models offer an immersive experience that offers consumers a more realistic representation of your items and their real-life dimensions.

Immersive Experiences

3D product visualization provides realistic shopping experiences that bring more happiness to customers. Online 3D configurators for products allow customers to pick specifications to change the appearance of their products, including colors, patterns and dimensions. 3D visual configurators may also be utilized to enable customers to design custom products that can be produced upon demand. These immersive experiences can provide an overall pleasant experience that keeps your customers returning for more.

Is 3D Product Visualization Right for Your Brand?

Customization of products will help you in this regard since it allows you to attract more customers for your niche products. It will help them find a better fitting to their tastes and help your company gain more loyalty and keep them. Furthermore, retail has many competitors; however, with the ability to customize your products, you will stand out and provide your customers with something unique.

Wrapping Up

Viewing the products in 3D gives the purchaser more control over the experience. DevDen’s 3D product visualization allows customers to see the product from all angles and help them solve questions and overcome buying anxiety. This increases confidence in the decision to purchase the product. It also aids in adding a visual product configurator to the toolkit for eCommerce. It also demonstrates how to put 3D visualization of your product into action and generate more sales for your company.

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