Transform your office-based training into a truly engaging experience

The advancement of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) technology is transforming the Corporate industry at an accelerated pace. These technologies help in training by allowing trainees to visualize complex information that they would otherwise have to read from a textbook or hear from an instructor. These are very efficient ways for employees to learn about new products and services, get training, or even attend meetings remotely. The use of AR and VR in the workplace is a trend.

Training with VR

  • New Hire orientation
  • Quality and Service Training
  • Employee Safety Training

These are the three key areas where AR can be effective.

Training employees with VR is becoming an increasingly popular way to train new hires. It’s a way to make sure that the training process is more engaging, immersive, and interactive with .

VR can be effectively used to upskill employees- from teaching people how to use a new machine or software, to training them on how to handle different situations in the workplace. Training with VR is also cost-effective than traditional methods because it eliminates the need of the physical training materials/machineries/equipment and the instructor.


  • Onboarding / New Hire Orientation

The better way to induct your new employees to the organization is with augmented reality. Onboarding with AR is not only exciting and innovative, it also keeps the trainee/new employee engaged and interested during the task by allowing him to experience and learn at the same time. With the help of AR you can provide a virtual tour of the organization. Details of tools, products and a lot more can be provided using AR by superimposing the information virtually on the real-life objects 

  • Staff Development

VR creates opportunities to help organizations to build quickly and easily to distribute relevant, captivating scenarios that add a deeper level of understanding to enhance your employee development process, without consuming more time and investment.

  • Managed Training

Create or obtain 360-degree videos of best practices or hazardous on-site locations to instantly transport your employees from the training room into a fully immersive experience.

  •  Scenario based Training

With AR and VR, employees can get trained using a realistic and dynamic simulation. There is no need to dismantle and assemble the real equipment to learn how to conduct a repair and thereby eliminate the risks associated with the real-world training.

  • Virtual Attendance 

VR helps to interact with workers remotely and attend training sessions at almost any time by accessing a live training session. Remote viewers can enjoy events in real time which increase co-branding and sponsorship opportunities.

The Future 

The future of AR/VR in corporate training is looking very promising. On one hand, it can replace the need to travel or spend time at a physical site for training purposes. On the other hand, it can also provide an immersive experience that’s impossible to replicate with any other medium. In Spite of the initial cost, the management are realizing the long-term cost reduction and the ROI. Corporate training will be an important step in adoption of virtual reality, as more people realize that AR and VR technologies can be used beyond gaming.


AR can intensify the learning experience of both fresher and experienced workers. Additionally, AR can enhance employee engagement and safety awareness, reduce training costs and lower learning curves.


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