Crane Simulation

A VR based construction crane simulation which can be used for training crane operators
Crane simulator will help to train the central part of any complex assembly or construction. Designed as a general, configurable toolkit, able to replicate the software and hardware control interfaces of the crane, the simulator would give the operator the look and feel of the real crane, operating within a virtual environment representation.

Immersion of virtual reality will help the operator behaves like he/she would on the real site, visualizing in real time the results of his/her actions and instantly correcting the path in case of unwanted effects.


In the virtual environment the trainee will be instructed by a virtual AI companion, objective panel also will be displayed in order to complete training session without any errors

The simulation makes use of PBR materials which renders the crane parts and city environment to new corners of realism. The bike is dissected into 300+ modular pieces wherein each individual piece is accessible

The simulation also contains detailed welding simulation where the user needs to attach vehicle parts with precise accuracy that needs to be used in the actual scenario

Haptic feedbacks will be given when the trainee is making any errors during the training sessions



    Creating Virtual simulation for training will maintain an engagement factor throughout the VR content which will increase the knowledge of the users.

    The performance of the trainee can be assessed and compared with successive performances based on the data collected from the training session.

    Objective-based training program will help the users to learn throughout the sessions without the help of any external trainers

    VR simulation can build extreme environments and situations, allowing users to test and learn without severe consequences

    Virtual training simulation gives instructors and trainees the flexibility to discover the best ways to make decisions, troubleshoot and solve problems, or simply do their jobs a little bit better

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