The future of Media lies in XR Advertising

Advertising campaigns that incorporate XR elements are not new, but demand is growing, and now is the time for businesses to consider making the switch to XR.

XR advertising has been tested by several companies. The number one reason why users gravitated towards XR, according to one Ericsson ConsumerLab survey, was shopping. Consumers could examine products that appeared to be authentic in size and shape.

This isn’t limited to retail brands. Automobile and aviation firms are also using XR technology for advertising.

“When a user feels as if he or she is physically there in the environment, even if it is a virtual one, the effect is more tangible, and the brand’s message has more impact.”

Advantages of XR:

Customer Engagement:

By overlaying digital information on real-life items, XR-based applications provide an immersive experience, building a connection and engaging people with a company’s goods and services.

Interactive Approach:

A new way to deliver information is offered by XR with high-quality UX. Customers may engage with your items in real time thanks to XR.

Enhanced Sales:

Companies can improve their sales by utilizing XR technology because the interaction it fosters instills trust in clients and helps them complete the transaction.

Non-Intrusive Experience:

Non-intrusive XR-based solutions are therefore more enticing.

Brand Awareness:

A visually appealing and engaging mobile app can help raise brand awareness and boost the likelihood of being recommended.


XR apps are easily accessible via most electronic devices.


What does this signify for XR advertising in the future?

According to research published by PC Magazine, 67% of consumers want to learn more about a destination they want to visit, 54% want to imagine products like furniture before purchasing, and 58% want to learn new skills or talents using XR. More large corporations are beginning to see the value of XR advertising.

XR Ads have the potential to add new perceptual dimensions to ad experience. They offer new hope from traditional digital advertising methods, thus having the potential to deliver improved brand recall and retention rates. At DevDen, we are really close to achieving XR marketing implementations that meet the high standards.

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